Required Forms Team Accounts Login

This is a link to the Team Accounts Login on the website. A disclosure form must be completed by all adults working with the team (coach, assistant coach(es), and team manager), prior to issuing of ID cards, rosters, practice field, practice time(s), or insurance for players. The username and password for access are emailed to the team representative after the registar enters team information into the state database.

KSYSA Membership Form

Please make a copy for each of your team members and coaches. Please have each player’s parent fill one out, completely. Please be sure the school each player attends is listed on the form. For new Under 9 or 3rd grade division teams I will need a copy of a State Certified birth certificate for each player. I will also need a birth certificate copy for any player new to Under 10 and older teams or for any player who lives in Missouri, along with their completed KSYSA form. A HOSPITAL ISSUED CERTIFICATE CANNOT BE USED. IT MUST BE STATE (OR CITY) ISSUED.

Roster Form

You will play in the age division determined by your OLDEST player. A blank roster sheet - complete with player’s name, address, phone number, and birth date. Make a copy for yourself. Please include your e-mail address at the top of the page. Please include your assistant coaches' addresses and phone numbers.

Practice Field Request

You must complete a new request each season. Please list the start and stop time of your practice, and give alternate day(s). Every team must complete this form. If you use a field at a parochial school or a park, please complete the form and indicate who gave permission for you to use the field. Teams must have permission to use a field in order for the insurance to be in effect. If you have questions, contact the Your practice field info will be e-mailed to you, so please be sure to include your e-mail address. Northeast United gets permits for the use of fields for practice from Heartland Soccer Association. Unfortunately, the school district is not speedy about getting permits out to Heartland. If there is more than one team on a field at one time, please work out the arrangements with the other coach so that you both get time on the field -You may get only half a field. Many teams practice without ever using goals - you can certainly work on drills, etc. without using goals. We have a limited number of fields for our use, so everyone must share! Thank you for your cooperation.

NEU Conflict Form


Coaches Code Of Conduct Form

Signed form must be turned in with season's paper work and fees before team is allowed on the schedule.

Supplemental Forms

KSYSA Medical Release Form

This is required only for teams who will participate in a tournament. Must be notarized.

League Fees

You will need to include the appropriate fee for each player on your roster when it is turned in. If you have 10 players on your roster, you need the fee for those 10 players. You may add players up to the start of your 3rd game, but their fees must be paid prior to adding them to the roster. Insurance coverage for a player does not take effect until their fees are paid, and they are added to your State Roster.

KSYSA Drop/Transfer Form


Supplemental Roster


Player/loan Agreement


Multiple Roster Request Form


Pony Registration Form


Please bring all of your completed paperwork to the Coaches Meeting. Please do not wait until the day of the meeting to begin collecting all the paperwork and league fees from your players!

We must pay for teams when the rosters are turned in for seeding, so your fees must accompany the roster. You may add players to your team up to the start of your 3rd game. I must have paperwork by Wed. evening, if you want the player to play that weekend. Paperwork and fee must be to me by 5pm on Wednesday, if you want that player eligible for that weekend’s games. You may leave it in the box on my deck, under the mailbox.

Under 9 and older teams; once I have your KSYSA forms and birth certificate copies, I will complete your ID cards, and call you when they are ready to be picked up. Players and coaches will need to sign the back, and have their picture attached, Cards will need to be laminated (you can do this at the Heartland Office or Heritage Soccer Park.)

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