Recreational players may play on only one team registered through Kansas Youth Soccer.
(All NEU Players are registered through the Kansas Youth Soccer registration data base)

NEU does not dual roster recreational players.

A registered Premier player (in the same age or older age group) may not play on a recreational team during the same season.

Guest playing is not permitted in recreational games at any age.

A player must be listed on the team's official state roster and (if required) game card to participate in a game.

Players on a premier roster may play up in age, but not down. (i.e. a player who is in 4th grade and age 10, must play U11)

Recreational teams play by age/grade. (a player who is 4th grade and age 10 may play with his 4th grade team, even though the majority of the team may be age 9)

Contact the NEU Registrar if you have questions regarding eligibility of a player for a particular team or age group.

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