Important information for coaches who have more than one team:

This memo serves as a reminder from the KSYSA Board of Directors that suspensions (as referenced by KSYSA Rules Governing Misconduct, Policies and Procedures, Rule 602. Suspensions) must be served with the team for which the suspension was levied -- while under suspension with that team, a person may not participate with any other team and KSYSA requires that all members administer suspensions in this manner.

Rule 602, Section 9 states "No player or team official, while under suspension, shall participate in any activity under the jurisdiction of KSYSA or any sanctioned activity under USSF or any of its affiliated organizations until the full period of suspension has been served."

Member leagues may be considered in bad standing in the event that the member fails to administer the policies of the State.

If you have any questions, please contact the KSYSA State Office:



Northeast United Soccer Club, U.S.A. 2002