Full Heartland Calendar
Fall 2017

June 30th

U9 and older teams: Last day to complete Heartland online team registration

July 3rd

U9 and older teams: Registration information due to NEU

July 6th

U9 and older teams: Heartland Rec team seeding

July 7th

U9 and older teams: Heartland Rec team seeding posted after 5pm. Premier pre-seeding posted

July 28th

U9 and older teams: Heartland Rec team schedule posted

Jul 31st–Aug 4th

U8 coaches' meeting and registration turn-in. 7pm St. Ann's Parish Hall. Date TBD

August 4th–6th

U9 and older teams: Heartland season begins

August 8th–13th

NEU U8 teams: Schedules posted to NEU website

August 19th & 20th

NEU U8 teams: League play begins

August 26th

NEU Pony teams: Player/Team registration and fees due

August 31st

NEU Pony teams: Coaches' clinic

September 1st–4th

NEU U8; Heartland Teams: Labor Day Weekend. No games scheduled

September 9th

NEU Pony teams: League play begins

September 16th

NEU Night at Sporting KC

October 21st & 22nd

NEU U8 and Pony Teams: Rainout weekend

October 27th–29th

U9 and older Teams: Heartland Rainout weekend

Northeast United Soccer Club, U.S.A. 2017

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